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In public opinion polls, many Americans voice critical opinions, including beliefs that most politicians are untrustworthy, the economic wage scale is unfair, the "electoral system" is rigged, and the country is headed in the wrong direction. However, voters regularly re-elect the vast majority of politicians who hold public office and determine public policy. Perhaps it's because our "leaders" campaign for public office on the basis of political slogans that fit nicely on bumper stickers, but contribute nothing to the development of policies that will allow the nation to successfully surmount the challenges of the future.




In the 56 essays contained within Naked America, Michael A. Smith suggests a comprehensive program of social, economic and political reform based on logic, history and human nature. The 650-page book includes nearly 800 footnotes establishing a factual basis for the suggested reforms.


They include development of:
• A direct democracy conducted at all levels of government by voters qualified through demonstrated knowledge of the issues;
• A full-employment, moneyless Wealth Exchange System centered on the production of essential goods and services distributed in an equitable manner to all citizens who work a necessary job;
• A new social contract that reinforces and expands human rights, while at the same time also emphasizing the privileges that citizens must earn;
• Universal health care;
• A justice system that promotes professional policing, redefines crime and punishment, eliminates plea bargaining, provides speedy trials by professional juries, and creates effective programs of rehabilitation;
• An education system that draws upon diverse teaching resources, promotes and rewards students solely on the basis of demonstrated academic achievement, and is integrated with societal manpower requirements;
• Cultural activities that promote an environment of service and personal improvement, rather than materialistic self-indulgence;
• A viable world federation of governments designed to bring equality, peace and justice to all the peoples on earth; and,
• An aggressive program of space exploration and colonization.